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Our Vision
At Eminence Realty, we evolve along with the rapidly growing market, so that we can continue to provide you with the highest level of excellence.  As your “One-Stop-Shop” to Real Estate, we’re here for you.


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The Eminence Advantage

Eminence Realty is your One-Stop Shop for Real Estate.

Enlisting multiple companies to service each of your individual real estate needs is costly and time consuming. Eminence Realty’s all-in-one approach to real estate will conserve your time and save you on extensive commission costs.



VIP Platinum Pre-Construction

With over 45,000 units under development in 2021 – as a buyer, you’ll benefit from:

Mortgage & Refinance

A reduced interest rate not only saves you money, it also increases the rate at which you build equity in your home. By providing the best rates, our in house Mortgage and Refinance Experts will ensure that you save money each step of the way. Let us show you the capabilities of leverage and equity!

Get connected with the highest ranked lenders and professionals

Leverage your Assets to Grow your Portfolio

Secure a Lower Interest Rate

Shorter Mortgage Term

Tenant Placement

Finding the most suitable tenant for your investment property can be a challenging process at the best of times. Our extensive database of pre-screened “AAA” tenants makes finding the perfect match for your house, condo, or even commercial unit simple!

Contact us to determine whether your property qualifies for Corporate Relocation.

We Provide you with:

Our Tenancy Guarantee:

Even with our tenant screening, there is a very small chance that a tenant can break their lease – should your lease term be broken, we will provide you with brand new “AAA” tenants – free of charge!

Property Management

Our team of experienced Property Managers will ensure a consistent positive-cash flow, and peace of mind. Whether you live abroad or simply don’t have the time, Eminence Realty has you covered!

Portfolio Management

Grow your Investment Real Estate portfolio with our experienced team of professional asset managers.

When it comes to making decisions about investments,  matching investments to objectives, asset allocation, and balancing risk against performance, ask us how you can expand your portfolio and develop investment approaches specific to your needs.

What People Say


We love to hear your feedback

Here’s what our clients think about our service!

Maria Soloff
Maria Soloff
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"I don't usually provide 5 star reviews, but the people behind this company definitely deserve it. I was looking to rent around the Woodbridge area ASAP. They helped me out with every step of the way, and would definitely recommend them as a reliable company to rent through!"
Matteo Imbrogno
Matteo Imbrogno
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"Had a great experience working with Eminence Realty. I was impressed mainly by how efficiently they were able to lease out my property, since I had a very hard time getting the place rented out by myself. My tenant is set to move in mid-September! Highly recommend!"
Jessica Wong
Jessica Wong
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"I only have good things to say about Upperside Eminence Realty, they offer a different type of service compared to many other agencies and brokerages. Their service is very suitable for your typical busy homeowner as they ensure you're stress free throughout the lease."
Varun Patnaik
Varun Patnaik
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"Pretty good experience. I was moving from California to Ontario, and they helped me get the apartment I was looking for. The rental application and leasing process was online and very smooth"

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Ontario’s real estate market is vast, competitive, and constantly advancing.  

At Eminence Realty, we grow alongside the rapidly evolving market so that we can continue to provide you with the highest level of excellence. As your One-Stop Shop for Real Estate, we’re here for you. We invest our time to ensure you are maximizing on your investment each step of the way. From tenant placement to portfolio management and everything in between, our hardworking team is the best at what we do.

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