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What makes Eminence Realty the Best Property Management Company?

A Little About Us

Welcome to our blog! At Eminence Realty, we take pride in being informative, honest, and direct. Our investment analysts work hard to keep up with the latest real estate news and trends in the GTA. Oftentimes, there is an excess of real estate articles published that only leave you with more questions that you had to begin with. To avoid that, we’ll keep it direct and simple with our readers. Let’s begin!


Who are we? Eminence Realty is an Investment real estate firm, specializing in: 

This includes: 

  • Tenant Placement

  • Property Management 

  • VIP Platinum Pre-Construction

  • Portfolio Management ]

  • Legal Services

  • Maintenance Services

  • Moving Services

Our one-stop shop to real estate is a unique service, in which everything is in-house.


What is our mission? Long-term, our mission is to build long standing business relationships with you to achieve a common goal. We want to build your portfolio with you, and show you the best ways to maximize your real estate Investments. We believe in honesty and complete client satisfaction. We’re the best at what we do, and prove it in any interaction between ourselves and a client.

Where can you find us? Our office is located at 1206 Centre St, Thornhill. 

Although we service the whole of Ontario, we primarily specialize in the real estate trends of the GTA. This includes (but is not limited to):  



North York

Richmond Hill






East Gwillimbury


When did we become Eminence? Eminence Realty was founded in 2009, to service a niche in the market necessary for homeowners with multiple properties to expand on their portfolios. 

Why & How do we succeed in such a competitive market? The offer of a one-stop shop” is highly appealing to Investment real estate clients. Instead of working with multiple companies specializing in a specific service, it is much more convenient to utilize one company’s resources. We take the owner from A-Z, in a workflow order designed to grow their real estate portfolios. With effective communication, we build enduring business relationships based on our client needs. 

In such a competitive market, we know how difficult it can be to navigate for both tenants and homeowners. Now that we’ve gone over some details about us, we want to get to know you better. If you have any questions you’d like to hear us answer, you can submit them to

Finally, we look forward to hearing your thoughts and potentially working with you in the future. Goodbye for now!


Ontario’s real estate market is vast, competitive, and constantly advancing.  

At Eminence Realty, we grow alongside the rapidly evolving market so that we can continue to provide you with the highest level of excellence. As your One-Stop Shop for Real Estate, we’re here for you. We invest our time to ensure you are maximizing on your investment each step of the way. From tenant placement to portfolio management and everything in between, our hardworking team is the best at what we do.

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